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Entries Open For TATA Kids of Steel Triathlon

June 27, 2013

Now in its 7th year the Tata Kids of Steel Triathlon is set to be bigger and better than its original impressive opening in 2007. ‘Kids of Steel’ was an idea planned and organised through a partnership with British Triathlon and Tata Steel. The events, which are spread across the UK, aim to introduce school children to this exciting sport in a safe and enjoyable way. Since its inception, the series has seen over 50,000 children introduced to the sport.

This type of participation cannot be achieved without your help, whether you are a School Teacher or even an interested parent, please consider this event in your diary of sporting events across the summer, and for more information you can log onto; or you can contact Triathlon England’s North West Regional Manager Lucy Cowgill on or 07860695235.

The event aims to provide an exciting/healthy opportunity for children in local communities around the country, as well as providing a fantastic day of adrenalin packed fun, so please pass this information onto any interested parties and we will have more information around this as the event creeps ever closer,

Looking forward to seeing you at Workington Leisure Centre on the 25th September 2013.
The British Triathlon Federation and Tata Steel team

A bit more information…

What is Tata Kids of Steel?

Tata Kids of Steel is a series of participation based triathlons spread around the Country. The aim of the events is to introduce school children aged between 8-13 years to triathlon in a safe and fun environment. Triathlon is a sport made up of three individual disciplines, swimming, cycling and running, however these events are done continuously from beginning to end, therefore the fourth discipline within triathlon is considered to be the point where you change between the sports and this is called the ‘Transition’. The event will take place at Workington Leisure Centre on the 25th September 2013.

What are the distances?
This event has participation at its heart and however much we love seeing the children competitively racing around the course with their friends, we have set the distances so it is achievable by everybody. The distances may vary slightly across the series, but they are based on the following distances:

Swim: 60 Metres
Bike: 960 Metres
Run: 520 Metres

We also understand that for varying reasons, some children might be unable to take part in a particular discipline; this is fine, we will be as accommodating as possible and if this means having to do a swim and a run, or a bike / run this will be fine, so no excuses!!

Does it cost anything to take part?
We want this event to be as open and inclusive as possible so this means we will be offering this event totally free to all those who take part. You just need to be able to get there.

What do you get for taking part?
Apart from a fantastic day enjoying a new exciting sport, each competitor will receive a bag with a ‘Tata Kids of Steel’ T-Shirt, and a Swim Hat to remember your day by.

How to Enter…

Regardless of whether you are a school teacher or a parent it will be essential to register early this year due to the high number of children who will be taking part in the event. Because of the tight time scales, we have to assign very strict time slots which need to be adhered to throughout the day, therefore if you wish to come along at a particular time of day please enter early!

Date: 25th September 2013
Venue: Workington Leisure Centre, Moorclose Sports & Leisure Centre, Newlands Lane South, Workington CA14 3SA




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For more information contact Lucy Cowgill, Triathlon England’s North West Regional Manager  07860695235