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Eden Key Steps Gymnastics- Kirkby Stephen

March 4, 2013

The Eden Valley Sports Partnership saw 90 children put their Gymnastic skills to the test at KirkbyStephenGrammar Schoolon Thursday 21st February 2013.  The competition was organised and run by Eden Valley Sports Partnership supported byKirkbyStephenGrammar School teacher Jeanette McWhirter and Young Sports Leaders also fromKirkbyStephenGrammar School. The Sports Leaders had previously successfully attended a training course to become Gymnastic judges.

It was a beautiful Spring-like morning when the children were all springing into action!  Children from all Primary age groups took part in the event and demonstrated their skills in floor, body management and vault routines. 

The next round, where the winners from the Kirkby Stephen Cluster will compete against the winners from the Penrith and Appleby Cluster.  This Event will take place at ApplebyGrammar Schoolon Thursday 7th March.



Key Step 1

Small Schools: 1st Warcop   2nd Brough   3rd Orton   4th Tebay

Large Schools:  1st Shap     2nd  Kirkby Stephen


Key Step 2

Small Schools:  1st   Warcop    2nd Orton    3rd  Tebay

Large Schools:   1st Shap    2nd   Kirkby Stephen


Key Step 3

Small Schools:  1st Warcop    2nd  Orton   3rd Tebay

Large Schools:   1st Kirkby Stephen