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Community Games Relay launched

April 26, 2013

People across the country are coming together in celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay’s one-year anniversary with a unique programme of events virtually re-living the journey of the torch. 

In just four weeks from now, Community Games - a programme designed to stimulate community-based sporting and cultural activities - is mirroring the torch relay route, through the Community Games Relay, to showcase some of the thousands of its activities taking place throughout the year.

Kick-starting on May 19 in Land’s End, Community Games will place a spotlight on each area of the Olympic and Paralympic torch relay route as it virtually passes through England during its 70-day long journey.

Believed to be the only organisation mirroring the Olympic torch route, Community Games will celebrate the one-year-anniversary of the torch arriving in areas across England as well as paying homage to a representative of the 36,000 volunteers who have helped to bring Community Games to life in the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Delivered by the County Sports Partnership Network (CSPN) and the YMCA the Community Games Relay will be showcasing the work of Community Games up and down the country in a bid to encourage more people to take part in the free events.

Community Games is funded by the Social Action Fund, which is administered by the Cabinet Office.

Lee Mason, Chief Executive of the County Sports Partnership Network, said:

“The County Sports Partnership Network is really looking forward to the Community Games Relay.

It is a great opportunity for people inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games to come together to enjoy sport and cultural activities on the day the Community Games Relay passes through their area or at any of the thousands of Community Games events taking place this year.

People involved in Community Games work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure others enjoy sporting and cultural activities in the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, through the programme.”

Denise Hatton, Chief Executive of YMCA England, says:

“We are proud of the YMCA’s association with Community Games. A significant part of our day-to-day work is dedicated to getting people active and in turn, creating healthy communities.

Through Community Games we have already seen thousands of people – from young children to adults - coming together across the country to engage in these events, including many who perhaps wouldn’t have done something like this without the inspiration of the Olympics and Paralympics.

Last year there was more than 1,600 Community Games taking place across England – we hope this year there will be even more."

If you would like to organise a Community Games or to find out when your next event is taking place, log on to

Cumbria Community Games Stats 2012

32 events were awarded funding

19,170 estimated participants attended events

£4,225 total amount awarded in grants