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'Activators' wanted to host & lead brand new, social after-school badminton sessions

March 1, 2013

BADMINTON England is on a mission to put the ‘cool’ back into the ‘after school’ delivery of badminton when we launch a brand new programme of highly social badminton game play aimed at engaging the 13-16 year old market. 

Research has shown that a number of school children we have spoken to perceive badminton to be ‘a bit old fashioned’ and ‘something older people play’ – not quite the image the fastest racket sport on the planet warrants or deserves!

So, BADMINTON England want to take this perception, shake then shatter it and make after-school badminton something the pupils enjoy swinging a racket at by putting the focus on fun and friends rather than traditional skills development or PE–style delivery.

We are on the hunt for enthusiastic, engaging ‘activators’ who know how to motivate and interact with non-sporty school kids to host and lead all new branded in-school sessions that feature:


  • Flexible weekly session plans that pupils pick in advance 
  • A play list of current music, selected by the player, as the backdrop to court time 
  • Weekly ‘branded’ badminton challenges 
  • A choice of ‘branded’ activities (all with a modern, innovation twist) aimed entirely at the target age group
  • Different courts playing out different activities
  • Themed weeks and regular promotions to keep the interest
  • Mixing of year groups improving social interaction

We are seeking people to put themselves forward to join the 'Activator' database and, once accepted, form a pool of 'endorsed Activators' that will then have the opportunity to be deployed into schools around the Country!

BADMINTON England cannot give guarantees of employment as we will not be directly employing 'activators' but will be seeking to forge local relationships and coordinate placement into participating schools.

If you’re interested in this role please ensure you can fulfil the following –

  • You need to be available to work at after school clubs – ideally weekdays 3pm – 6pm
  • You need to have access to your own transport or have a method of travelling to different schools
  • You should be willing to work with two to four different schools per week
  • You will be self employed and responsible for your own tax affairs

Keen to learn more?

For further information on this exciting opportunity, please go to and check out the full role description and competency profile.

To apply* to join the network of 'activator's  please CLICK HERE

DEADLINE – 8th March 2013


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