Top Tips When Completing Your Application Form

  • Plan your project carefully and realistically (refer to the How to Plan Your Project section for more details)
  • Make sure that you read all of the guidance notes and selection criteria for the fund.
  • Take time to thoroughly plan and prepare your application, and to present as professionally as possible.
  • Look at the funding bodies priorities; some have regional priorities or outcomes. Make sure your project encompasses those and you mention that thoroughly in your application.
  • Supply as much relevant information as possible, and ensure that you attach all required documentation with the application.
  • Budget your project accurately: do not guess figures or inflate your estimated budget. Many funders validate costs through use of the Internet.
  • Supply a detailed break down of all financial figures and estimates.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of including detailed information on the project outcomes and how you propose to achieve and measure them.
  • Emphasise voluntary commitment to your project and the efforts you are making to support the project from sources other than grant assistance.
  • If you have received funding before, always make sure you complete the necessary evaluation forms before you apply for further funding support.
  • It is often helpful to inform sports development professionals as to the nature of your project and funding application, and to try and get a letter of support for your submission. A sports development professional could be: your National Governing Body development officer, your local authority sports development officer, or a member of your County Sports Partnership.