Have you thought about sponsorship?

Sponsorship can be a powerful tool to any sports club or local organisation and can be used for a number of different needs from a one off purchase of kit or equipment, to long term projects such as rent or ground maintenance. Sponsorship can bring benefits to both parties, providing essential funding to the sports club or local organisation, and allow the organisations or business to give back to the community and promote their community work, name or products.

The type of sponsorship available will depend both on your organisation and the sponsor. Sponsorship does not just mean money it can also be products or services in kind.

How to get Sponsorship

Who to target?

  • Local businesses
  • Local chamber of commerce
  • New business in the local area
  • Contact your Local Council or access their website for information about local businesses or to access the local Business Directory

Get to know your potential Sponsors

  • Who? Find out who to contact in the company - General Manager, Business Manager, Human Resources, Marketing department
  • What is their service or product and how could it relate to your project

What is your project?

  • What can you offer the sponsor?
  • Be clear about your project. Have one Message, Idea, or Price
  • State the benefits of media exposure - how can you help them to achieve this exposure?
  • Can they use your project for advertising thier business?
  • State the benefits of raising the company profile- how can you help them to achieve this?

How to make your approach?

99% preparation, 1% delivery

  • Know the organisation's needs
  • What is your offer to them
  • What is your USP (Unique Selling Potential) - who does your event or project reach - Adults, Children, Students, MP's
  • How is your project going to be marketed, advertised, or promoted?