How to Plan Your Project

It is essential to demonstrate to the funding body that you have a strong direction for your project, that you are likely to achieve your goals and outcomes, and that the project will be effective and successful. The best way to demonstrate this is through devising a detailed and realistic Project Plan.

A good project plan outlines step-by-step each task or activity that is required in delivering and implementing the overall project. Each activity should be aligned against a timeframe of when it'll need to be commenced and when it'll need to be completed, who is responsible for undertaking this task and the costs or resources that are required. Through undertaking a thorough project planning process you will be able to clearly identify exactly what needs to be done to undertake the project, you will have a more realistic budget and resource requirements, and the funding body can be satisfied that you have considered all aspects in delivering and achieving the aims of your project.

Throughout your project its also important to demonstrate how you will be monitoring and evaluating the performance of the project in meeting its objectives, and being able to amend the project at appropriate times in order to improve the success. This is an essential area that all funding bodies require of projects that they fund.