Funding Guidance 2014

Community Games - Cumbria Funding Guidance 2014

Active Cumbria is aiming to support community focused events in 2014, with a grant of a maximum of £250 each that allows communities to come together to host a sporting and cultural celebration of real local significance inspired by the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. To qualify for funding, the event you organise must be registered as a Community Games on and you must match the funding applied for pound for pound in cash.

By registering your event on this website, we can also offer you the following support:

• A free toolkit with tips and ideas to help you to organise your event
• Local advocates and advisers to help you to shape ideas
• Free access to training on how to organise and market successful events
• Access to all the resources on the website, as well as examples of what others are doing
• Promotion and marketing templates and resources
• A regular newsletter with information and news on what’s happening elsewhere

In 1850 Dr William Penny Brookes started his own local Wenlock Olympian Games which themselves were an inspiration behind the Modern Olympic movement. Active Cumbria hope that by supporting our local communities to organize their own Games, we will enable further community led participatory and celebratory events to take place beyond 2012.

Should you meet the criteria for this award, and you wish to apply for the funding, you must complete the application form and submit the required supporting information.

Who is eligible for Community Games funding

The fund is available to support local voluntary and community groups who are staging events in Cumbria only.

The funding is targeted at voluntary and community groups. A local authority or other statutory organisation can facilitate an event, however, the voluntary and/or community group must be instrumental in the organisation and delivery of the event and benefit from the funding.

All the funding must support the event, which would include for example equipment hire, facility hire, medals etc.

Priority will be given to funding a voluntary or community group, but if you are unlikely to set up such a group in time we can fund individuals on behalf of a group. However, the event organiser must provide a letter from the voluntary and/or community group stating that this individual is acting on their behalf and the funding received would only be used for the event.

What a Community Games funded event should include

To meet the criteria for this funding, your event must include the following:

• Be driven and shaped by a community
• Feature a combination of sporting and cultural activities, such activities could include:

Sporting examples:
Sports day / Sporting element of a village carnival or fete / Sports competition

Cultural examples:
Face painting / Arts activities / Music and dance / Fancy dress / Floats

• Include some sort of ceremony, ideally an opening and/or closing ceremony
• Aim to encompass the following values: Inclusive, accessible to all, and ideally free of charge for participants
• Involving young people
• To increase the aspiration of communities
• Reflect the core values of the Olympic and Paralympic movements:

Olympic Values: Excellence, Friendship and Respect
Paralympic Values: Determination, Courage, Inspiration, Equality

• If this event is not a new event then it must be shown that there is an addition to the previous year’s event, whether this is an increase in participation, making the event more inclusive or an addition of another activity to bring the event in line with the Community Games criteria.

How to apply

Please complete the online application form, answering all the questions stated and submit upon completion.

The application must be submitted by the event organiser to the contact listed on the application form.

100% of the funding will be provided on successful approval of your application. You will be required to sign an agreement accepting the funding and if your event does not go ahead, you will be expected to return the funding to us.

A funding condition will be that you might be required to complete a case study of your event, so we can showcase it to other event organisers on our websites. We will provide you with a case study template to complete.

How will the event be monitored

Each of the Event Organisers will be asked to complete a simple short questionnaire, identifying what went well with their event, and which aspects of the support programme need to be improved. Event Organisers can complete the questionnaire either on or offline. Participants at your event may also be asked to complete a short questionnaire.

How Community Games support can be administered

A project management group has been established which will assess your application for a grant.

There is £8000 available within this fund and it is proposed that funding is distributed equally across all parts of Cumbria. This will be allocated on a first come first served basis to those voluntary and community groups that meet the fund criteria.

*Once all the funding has been allocated, the application process will be closed. If this happens before the end of March 2015, announcements of closure & any future funds will be made on the website:

For further information contact

Jackie Hayhow, Project Support Officer
Active Cumbria

Tel: 01228 221360 Mob: 07818014966





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For further information contact

Jackie Hayhow, Project Support Officer
Active Cumbria

01228 221360 / 07818014966