2012 Winners

Junior Personality OfThe Year- Chelsea Nugent - Athletics 

Rising Star (3 Awards Given) -

Samuel Routledge - Water Polo - Carlisle Water Polo Cub

James Hale- Tennis

Eleanor Dickinson - Cycling

Junior Team Of The Year  - Talkin Tarn Rowing Team- Emma Graham and Emily Batchelor

Team Of The Year- Dalston Tennis Club 

Disability Performance Of The Year- Anna Nicholson - Discus and Shot 

Coach Of The Year- Paul Bell - Squash 

Volunteer Of The Year- Jackie Hayhow (Active Cumbria)- Football

Young Leader Of The Year- Georgia Smethurst- Football

Service To Sport (3 Awards)-

Bob Maxwell - Cricket

Richard Wilson - Football

Colin Nixon - Boxing

Special Award - Dick Scott - Cricket

Performance Of The Year Award- Tom Farrell- Tack and Field Athletics

Sport Personality Of The Year - Nicholas Miller - Hammer