Legacy programme to get 3747 young people across Cumbria playing sport

Thousands of teenagers and young adults across Cumbria are benefiting from the sports/physical activity participation programme Sportivate that aims to fulfil the legacy promise made by Seb Coe in Singapore in 2005 to 'inspire young people to choose sport'.

Sportivate gives young people aged 11 to 25 from a non-semi sporty background the chance to receive six to eight weeks of coaching in a sport/physical of their choice. Launched by Sport England in 2011 and administered by the County Sports Partnerships, the £56 million National Lottery-funded project aims to help those who aren't currently playing sport in their own time to get out, get more active and give sport a go.

As part of the Places People Play mass participation legacy programme, Sportivate will see more than 300,000 teenagers and young adults across England completing Sportivate session over the next six years up until March 2017.

Year 5 Delivery Update

Active Cumbria are now accepting applications for Sportivate year 5 (1/4/15 to 31/3/16) projects that look to engage young people aged 11 to 25 from a non/semi sporty background in 6 to 8 weeks of coach lead sport/physical activities. The application window will closes on the 12th January 2015 and this year Active Cumbria will place a much greater emphasis on targeting two key groups (females only and 19 to 25 year old participants) in recognition of Sport England market research which shows that nationally these targets audiences are not engaging in sport or physical activity when compared to other sub groups of society. With Active Cumbria giving greater weighting when undertaking the competitive assessment process for Sportivate projects aimed at these target audiences.

As part of the competitive assessment process Sportivate projects are scored on a number of keys areas with sustainability being one of them for year 5 Active Cumbria no longer consider sign posting to be an acceptable exit route where there is no direct link up with the exit route provider.

So please consider this when submitting your Sportivate application form(s). Examples of good exit routes included continued activity in the particular sport/physical activity by the Sportivate provider after the Sportivate sessions have been delivered or continued participation through an existing sports clubs via reduced membership rates, the creation of a satellite club to allow participants to continue their involvement in sport/physical activity subject to demand.

For more information please contact Active Cumbria Club Link Maker (Russell Maddams) by email

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£374,700 of Lottery investment in Cumbria, will give at least 3747 local young people the opportunity to take part in activities.


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Development Officer (Club Links)
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Project Support Officer
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